Chenglong H7


Jacobs /IBRAKE cylinder brake

The Jacobs cylinder braket is equipped to shorten the braking distance, and reduce the abrasion of tires and brake pads. The safe braking distance at 60KM/H is only 32 meters, which is 3 meters shorter than the domestic counterparts.

WABCO braking system

Key valves (air handling units, parking hand control valve, trailer hand control valve, trailer brake valve, brake master cylinder) and ABS braking are all from WABCO. The stability is up to 99%.

Comparing to common valves, the performance of WABCO valves is optimized by 80%. The parking and braking performance of the vehicle is improved comprehensively.

  • Lane departure warning and forward collision warning

    LDW, FCW, EBS and TMPS provide comprehensive electronic safety control for vehicles.

  • Keel frame structure cab

    Keel frame structure cab, armor type super protection.

  • Disc brake

    Disc brake improves the efficiency and stability of mechanical braking.


Powerful and customized Chenglong engine

With the combined effort of Yuchai, Weichai and Cummings, Chenglong H7 has its current optimized large horsepower engine. The displacement is covered by 10-13L with low speed and big torque. The power is abundant. With the application of reliability growth technology, the reliability of the whole vehicle is ensured through the domestic 9 million km road condition verification and a series of severe tests for more than 40 thousand hours (nearly 2000 days).

The ultra long warranty period is 48 months

The industry leading ultra long warranty period is 48 months unlimited mileage. This policy challenges the industry's highest standards. With high attendance rate and lower maintenance costs, you can save 10,000 yuan of maintenance cost annually.

  • Global quality supply chain

    Global excellent supply resources, such as WABCO, Fleetgard, ZF, BOSCH and so on, guarantee the high quality of the whole vehicle and spare parts.

  • Meritor rear axle

    Meritor rear axle, maintenance-free suspension, wheel rim, accumulator and other non-maintenance technologies are applied.

  • International standard design

    The new chassis, modular design and universal design reach the level of Europe and the United States. Spare parts are reduced, but reliability and convenience are greatly improved.

Fuel saving

Fuel combustion is more sufficient

The engine has ultra-high pressure fuel injection system and high efficiency supercharger. The maximum injection pressure is up to 2400BAR (the industry standard is 1800BAR). High pressure injection in the whole rotating speed range ensures better atomization of fuel and better combustion.

Comprehensive fuel consumption is lower to 28L.

The fuel consumption of a 6*4 trailer is 28L, which is reaching the international advanced level.

  • Running smoothly

    Streamlined cab with low roll resistance tires and single wide tire (optional) to further reduce resistance and useless consumption.

  • Large torque+direct shift+small speed ratio

    Power transmission system is optimized. Large torque engine, direct transmission gearbox and small speed ratio rear axle achieve system fuel saving.


  • Engines with low rotating speed and large torque

    The powerful and customized Chenglong engine, with low rotating speed and large torque, has better performance when start, speed up and climb heels. Transporting more and driving faster can help you to earn at least 30,000 more.

  • The low dead weight and the larger cargo capacity.

    The vehicle's dead weight is low, and the annual income increases by more than 30,000 yuan due to the larger cargo capacity.

  • European level of reliability

    International standard width frame guarantees higher reliability, which ensures the vehicle arrive on time and safely.

  • Intelligent car networking of the vehicle saves you from worries.

    The newly developed intelligent networking system realizes 10 functions, such as remote real-time monitoring and management, accurate fuel consumption, whole-course goods monitoring, safe driving and timely fault management.


European style super large space, new driving experience

Its fashionable look is designed by Marc Deschamps, a famous French designer, who also designed Scania, Maserati and Lamborghini.

  • High-end airbag seat

    Four-dimensional pneumatic adjustable high-end airbag seats, three-section folding sleeping berth, multifunctional steering wheel, all improve driving experience.

  • North American level vibration damping, ride comfort is leading domestically

    The North American style engine is suspended at three points. The engine vibration isolation rate is better, and the suspension and the four point full-floated suspension cab are optimized. The ride comfort (vibration acceleration) is less than 0.48/s2 and it mains the domestic lead.

  • The mute effect reaches the high import level.

    The NVH value reaches the international leading level. The indoor noise is as low as 65db at 80km/h, which is 3db lower than the mainstream of the industry.