H7 Engineering Truck


  • Driver’s cabin

    The driver’s cabin adopts the keel frame structure, integral door with double-deck anti-collision beam. The strong armored protection ensures the safety of all the attendants.

  • Design of low center of gravity

    Low center of gravity design, breakaway type of balanced suspension and light weight leaf spring guarantee the driving much safer.

  • Key valves

    All key valves and ABS of the vehicle are WABCO brand. The gas path is quick-plug structure. Therefore, the air pressure is stable without air leakage, and the brake is safer.


  • Chassis

    The new chassis adopts modular design and clean layout. By using advanced European and American technology, the universal design has reached European and American level. With fewer spare parts, the reliability and maintenance convenience are greatly improved.

  • Suspension

    U bolts of rear suspension are arranged upwards, which is convenient for maintenance and disassembly. Split type balanced suspension improves the convenience of maintenance.

  • Light weight

    Under the condition of ensuring the bearing capacity, high-strength lightweight frame, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy air cylinder, lightweight axle, breakaway balanced suspension and other lightweight design are adopted. The dead weight is less than 8.9 tons, and the total weight of the whole vehicle is less than 12.7 tons. The more you transport, the more you earn.

  • Power

    Famous and professional supply chain resources such as Jichai, Fast Gear, and Fangsheng Axle are chosen. The quality is reliable.


The four-valve engine, with two inlet and two exhaust valves, has better combustion. Fuel consumption has decreased by 2.5%. Thus it can be seen that fuel economy has improved significantly.


Equipped with the Beidou intelligent terminal and accessories, it has the functions of driver fingerprint identification, heavy/empty identification, heavy truck lift control system, roof automatic forced seal, planning route control, break point renewal and information storage. 24 hours of monitoring makes your vehicle is always in your control.


Optimal structure

The steering wheel and the three pedals are checked and adjusted by simulation software. The structure is optimized. The steering becomes light and the output is smooth, which makes the truck reach the level of lightness of a sedan. Fatigue is reduced and driving is getting much easier.

Technological interior decoration

The driver’s cab adopts new floating interior, integral front headlight, dashboard, door protection, door lock and so on. The fashionable modelling and the European-style super large space present the affinity, the sense of science and technology, and a new sense of comfort.

Driver’s cabin

The cabin is equipped with fully-float cab suspension system and adjustable air bag shock absorbing driver seat, which makes the vehicle more comfortable to drive.