New M3 Engineering Truck



  • Driver’s cabin

    The driver’s cabin adopts the keel frame structure, integral door with double-deck anti-collision beam. The strong armored protection ensures the safety of all the attendants.

  • Design of low center of gravity

    Low center of gravity design, breakaway type of balanced suspension and light weight leaf spring guarantee the driving much safer.

  • Key valves

    All key valves and ABS of the vehicle are WABCO brand. The gas path is quick-plug structure. Therefore, the air pressure is stable without air leakage, and the brake is safer.


  • Engine

    he engine used in Chenglong vehicle is exclusively customized. The reliability is greatly improved and the quality is assured.


    The new chassis adopts modular design and clean layout. By using advanced European and American technology, the universal design has reached European and American level. With fewer spare parts, the reliability and maintenance convenience are greatly improved.

  • Water tank space

    The engine compartment is convenient for large volume water tank and convenient for modification.

    Cooling system

    The structure of the air ring can improve the efficiency of the fan and improve the cooling performance of the cooling system; the gap between the fan and the air ring is small, so as to reduce the hot air reflow and dust emission.


Optimally matched

Equipped with powerful and customized engine, the power system is nearly perfect and more fuel-saving.

Engine fuel saving technology

The standard fuel saving switch can select the corresponding gear according to the working condition, automatically control fuel injection quantity through ECU, adjust the power reasonably, and save fuel effectively.

  • Lightweight design

    Under the condition of ensuring the bearing capacity, high-strength lightweight frame, aluminum alloy fuel tank, aluminum alloy air cylinder, lightweight axle, and other lightweight design are adopted. The dead weight is lighter, and fuel consumption is lower, which will create more wealth for you.

  • Resistance-reducing design

    Streamlined cab, combined with exterior resistance-reducing design, reduces wind resistance by 14% and fuel consumption by 7%.


Exterior and interior

The driver’s cab adopts new floating interior. The fashionable modelling presents the affinity, the sense of science and technology, and a new sense of comfort.


The cabin is equipped with fully-float cab suspension system. The application of engine integral flat cushion, together with 1.8m front and rear leaf springs, guarantee the leading status in China in terms of ride comfort of the vehicle and furthermore reach the high level of import vehicles.

The steering wheel and the three pedals are checked and adjusted by simulation software. The structure is optimized. The steering becomes light and the output is smooth, which makes the truck reach the level of lightness of a sedan. Fatigue is reduced and driving is getting much easier.