A new generation of commercial exterior

  • Front face the grille is connected to headlights as a whole,
    which accords with the design concept of high-grade car nowadays.
  • Car body adopt smooth and strong line design
    Highlight its concise and strong style characteristics
  • Tail in line with the front face, three horizontal lines connect the left and
    right sides of the body, enriching the design elements of the tail.

Highly comfy

New generation comfortable configuration

  • Fashionable exterior
  • Large body dimension
  • Wide and comfortable interior space
  • All wrapped color seats
  • Multifunctional combination seats
  • Cruise control
  • SONGZ air conditioning
  • Built-in electric sunroof
  • Excellent NVH
  • Dana adjusted chassis
  • Former MacPherson independent suspension + stabilizer bar
  • Low rolling resistance tires
  • Use comfortably
  • Multifunctional leather steering wheel
  • Eight in one audio and video system
  • 12V power interface
  • Humanized reading lamp
  • 6 Hi-fi speaker
  • Super abundant storage space

Highly safe

New generation safety configuration

  • Active safety
  • LED daytime driving lights
  • Trafficability beyond the same class of vehicles
  • Passive safety
  • The leading body structure design in China
  • Double air bags in front row
  • Automatic unlocking of doors when collision happens

High performance

New generation efficient powertrain

  • High efficiency engine
  • Mitsubishi 4A91T hight performance engine
  • Reliable transmission
  • SAIC 6MT high quality transmission
  • Surging power
  • With 2.0L high efficiency engine
  • Let business travel full of passion and motivation

High value

5 years/ 100,000 kilometers long assured quality assuranc

  • Practical and rich configuration
  • Ultra high value core configuration
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Considerate service
  • The service network covers the whole country
  • Quality warranty of 100,000 kilometers/ 5 years
  • Customer service care policy
  • Fengxing quality assurance
  • Dongfeng big brand guarantee
  • Sixteen years MPV expert
  • Advanced MPV production line