Not only samba and football, Fengxing is going popular in South America

What do you think about in South America?

Football culture with the participation of the whole people


A passionate Samba Carnival


Or the unforgettable supermodel on Rio Olympic Games


“Being well acquainted has nothing to do with the distance. Two could be neighbors in spite of thousands of miles apart.” Peru is an ancient civilization with a long history. It is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America and one of China's most important trading partners in Latin America. In the middle of this month, the import and export company, jointly with the South American Peru dealers, convened the popular new product launch ceremony and the promotional conference. It attracted a lot of attention from the local people and brought a strong and brilliant impression to the South American customers.

Liuzhou City Promo and Fengxing brand Promo are circularly broadcast by multiple screens. 


The reception desk is located in the lobby of the hotel. When guests enter the hotel, they are immersed in Dongfeng elements.


At 5pm, the guests arrive one after another.
The guests are looking at our vehicles.


After the opening performance, the activity officially begins.


In passionate Peru, the leading characters of this conference, Jingyi X5 and Jingyi X6 are coming out from the curtain. Car models are getting off from the cars and the audience is applauding again and again. 

The presented vehicles are Jingyi X5, X6, X3, S50, S500 and Lingzhi M5. 

After the release ceremony, representatives of Peru dealers is formally signing a cooperation agreement with a second level dealer.

The event attracted more than 200 Peru auto industry personages, media reporters and representatives of local Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and also attracted the attention of many media in Peru. Two auto companies have expressed a strong willingness to cooperate, in addition, it has also attracted the attention of the dealer of  Subaru, BYD and Sokon to negotiate with us. The event promotes the establishment of our sales network all across Peru.


Ms. Qinmei Hao , the commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Peru, was invited to the venue, giving support and affirmation to this event.


It is learned that in 2017, Dongfeng brand sold more than 3000 units in the South America. Mr. Jie Feng, the assistant general manager of import and export company, said in an interview that South America was planned to be the core market for overseas passenger cars in 2018 and our promotion will expanded to Chile, Argentina, Peru and other markets to achieve sales turnover.


Peru is China's “neighbor” on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. More than 400 years ago, Chinese and Peruvians crossed the ocean and opened the curtain on exchanges between the two sides. Dongfeng Fengxing is a young brand in the South American market. Our work relies on the continuous exploration and breakthrough of the South American office and the local dealers. This launch conference will be a good start. How to compete with European and American products that have occupied this market for years and how to win customers recognition with better products are still important issues for us in the future.