First win! Chenglong wins the Champion on fuel-saving battle at the first ASEAN

On 10-11 March, the first ASEAN truck international invitational tournament, held by the National Sports Bureau of Vietnam, was successfully completed. This is another victory Chenglong truck in international competition. Driver No. 7 Vuong, driving Chenglong M7, won the first ASEAN truck fuel-saving champion with 28.95 liters of ultra-low fuel consumption, and driver No. 8 Pham, driving Chenglong M7, won the championship of the skill competition .


Drivers who drove China Heavy Duty truck, Hyundai and Hino won the second and the third places. 

Combination of man and truck: a test of driving skills

The drivers drive the trucks from the starting point, go forward, crosse the range line and stop the truck in the designated position horizontally. They are required to move the truck in a limited space and then reverse the truck into the key position longitudinally. When it comes to Z-type driving skill competition, the drivers need to drive the truck back and forth along the racing tracks which are only two fists wider than the truck and not hit the lines on both sides of the track. The one who finishes with the fastest speed will win. 

The audience at the scene was more nervous than the referee. They were staring at the wheels, and applauded at every successful movement.

Strength competition: who is going to save more fuel

Eight racing trucks gathered in the departure area. Every truck was added the same amount of fuel and required to complete the 120 km track. The referee tested the truck when they were back to the finish line. The one that consumed the least fuel won.

In the end, the No. 7 drive who drove the Dongfeng Chenglong M7 won the fuel-saving championship with the advantage of 28.95 liters of ultra-low fuel consumption.

In Vietnam, when it comes to fue-saving, everyone will think of CHENGLONG MOTOR first. Fuel-saving has become an important feature of Chenglong trucks. Through this competition, once again we speak with our strength and we laid a solid foundation for H7 to enter the Vietnamese market.

“It is a great honor to be able to participate in this kind of international truck event and to win the champion among the many international competitive players,” Vuong, the champion of the oil-saving competition, said in an interview with the Vietnamese television station.


Talking about winning the championship, he said excitedly: “to win the championship, i need to thank myself for so many years of driving experience, on the other hand, thanks to Chenglong M7. Its strong power but lightweight design, and the advanced fuel-saving technology, is the most important factor for me to win this champion.”

With the release of every champion, the first ASEAN truck international invitational tournament was completed successfully. As the most cost-effective, most efficient, and most energy-efficient truck event for the Vietnamese and ASEAN truck drivers, the organizers said: “In the future, ASEAN truck international invitational tournament will listen more to the truck users. We will continue to hold the truck race with reliable data, authoritative platform and excellent quality, and will help users to choose the most valuable, efficient and energy saving trucks. And we hope that through the influence of the competition, we urge the truck manufacturers to innovate and upgrade, optimize the production line and technology, and make more excellent trucks for Vietnamese and ASEAN truck customers.