Customer satisfation questionnaire about passenger car

(Satisfaction——10 scores/Dissatisfaction——0 scores)

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1.Are you satisfied with our vehicle maintenance station?

2.Are you satisfied with our service advisors?

3.Did our service advisors explain maintenance facility and relevant cost?

4.Did our service advisors tell you the estimated time for maintenance, and what process it would go through?

5.After maintenance, is your vehicle clean?

6.After maintenance, did the same fault recur within fifteen days?

7.Are you satisfied with our roadside assistance project?

8.Do you think our supply of auto spare parts is punctual at the maintenance station?

9.Did the vehicle maintenance station help you clear the pebbles on your wheel and show it to you?

10.After vehicle maintenance,did the maintenance station communicate vehicle operation performance with you in 3 days?( phone, text, or other ways.)

Thank you for filling in this survey, and we are working hard to improve service quality. Have a nice day !