Manufacturing Process

We use large automatic stamping line and robot automation to effectively guarantee the safe production. High production efficiency, stable product quality and low production cost are the results of such process.

Non-swing shear technology is adopted in the uncoiling and material unloading process.

6300 tons mechanical longitudinal beam press, 5000 tons longitudinal beam hydraulic press, steel uncoiling and unloading line, longitudinal beam roller press line, 800, 1250, 3000 tons presses, CNC punching line, frame riveting connection line, frame painting line, frame spray line and other large production lines are adopted.

The tetrahedron flexible fixture system is adopted to adapt to the mixed flow production of multiple models and realize the non-stop model switching.

Automatic welding is achieved by a large number of robots. The automation degree is very high.

Set up online monitoring to ensure product quality.

The whole line is equipped with automatic mechanical transmission. The transportation of large parts are handled by robots and AGV is used for material distribution.

We use manufacturing execution system to track production and materials.

The medium/ upper coating is sprayed with a wall-mount large flow robot, and the robot automatic spray painting is used for the stone chip resistance coating at the bottom to improve the coating efficiency, save the paint and reduce the VOC emission.

It uses water based high permeable lead-free cathodic electrophoresis to reduce the impact of production on the environment and improve the corrosiveness of the vehicle.

The use of the new technology of return air in the paint spraying room: filter the return air at artificial stage and use it as the fresh air in the robot stage, which greatly saves energy cost.

The drying room adopts the TNV heat recovery thermodynamic system. All the residual heat after waste gas incineration is used for heating in the drying chamber, and the residual heat before removing the waste gas is also reused.

The internal logistics of general assembly adopts SPS mode, except for some large parts and standard parts. The assembling rate is 100%.

Automation equipment: AGV automatically carries and moves materials. The assembling trolley goes up and off the line automatically, front and back gears coat glass glue automatically, and vehicle body storage and transportation line is sorting automatically too.

Error and mistake prevention technology: the assembly and distribution system is used to guide parts assembly operation.

Environmental protection and energy saving technology: The workshop structure is energy saving and environment-friendly. Production line adopts low energy consumption and low noise transmission line. Lightweight technology hanger is adopted.